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May 16, 2017 Mansfield-Martin Exploration Mining, Inc. Announces Appointment of Directors

TOMBSTONE, AZ -- Mansfield-Martin Exploration Mining, Inc. (OTC PINK: MCPI) announced today the appointment of two directors: Thomas P. McGovern, PE, RLS, LEED, AP, ENV SP; and Robert Lloyd, LLM.

Mr. McGovern has more than 40 years of experience in the design and management of civil engineering and surveying projects for both public and private sector clients, with experience in the design and management of major roadways under local, state, and federal-aid criteria, as well as citizen participation programs under federal-aid/EIS requirements, as well as Tucson's and Pima County's roadway development processes. His background also includes flood control projects, hydraulic and fluvial studies, bank protection design, and FEMA Flood Insurance Studies. Among other civic posts, Mr. McGovern has served as President of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Arizona; a board member of the Southern Arizona Leadership Council; and a member of the Arizona Association for Economic Development.

Mr. Lloyd was CEO and corporate legal counsel of Brazilian Resources, Inc., and chief legal counsel and secretary of Jaguar Mining Inc., an operating subsidiary of Brazilian organized as a Canadian corporation, from 2006 to 2014. He currently serves as a director for Brazilian. Brazilian was a resources conglomerate, with interests in food production and processing as well as extractive industries. Jaguar owns and operates gold mining concessions in Brazil, producing over 95,000 oz. gold per year. During Mr. Lloyd's tenure, Jaguar was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and, in 2009, became dual listed on the NYSE, with a peak market capitalization of over $1.5b. Mr. Lloyd was primarily responsible for Brazilian's and Jaguar's capital offerings (over $1b. during his service) and regulatory compliance, including the coordination of cross-border reporting obligations necessary for dual listings on Canadian and U.S. exchanges.

Company President, John T. Bauska, stated, "Mr. McGovern and Mr. Lloyd bring skill sets to Mansfield-Martin that we need now. Tom has a top-notch civil engineering background as well as great connections with state and local government agencies and citizen constituencies. When we kick off our harvesting and re-entry work in the Tombstone Mining District, Tom will help on our permitting and government relations. Bob has shepherded the legal and compliance aspects of big mining projects, with an emphasis on capitalization and cross-border reporting and compliance. We know that financing is a special challenge for junior mining companies, and access to Canadian markets and Bob's long-time contacts will be useful. Tom and Bob are quality professionals and have done the things we're setting out to now do. We look forward to their serving as active directors."

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March 6, 2017 NEWS RELEASE – Mansfield-Martin Exploration and Mining Inc. 3/4/2017

Mansfield-Martin has initiated their 2017 exploration program in Tombstone, Arizona with a review of historic data by two consulting geologists that have 90 years of combined geological experience in base and precious metal exploration. After a review of extensive historic data, it has become apparent that significant untested mineral potential remains in the Tombstone Mining District. Permitting for proposed drilling in 2017 has begun. The first proposed target to be tested is silver/gold mineralization that lies on the Lucky Cuss claim (Table 2). A preliminary field exam of mine dumps and outcrops found on the Lucky Cuss claim also shows a significant amount of zinc and lead mineralization that is poorly documented. Two separate target types comprise the majority of the historic mineralization. The first of these is vein deposits. The second of these are stratabound mantos.

Although Tombstone is well known as a high-grade silver district, it is apparent that gold is also an important component of the mineralization, especially at greater depths. Blake (1902), Staunton (1902), and Church (1903) all have provided ample documentation that gold values increase with depth, based partially upon historic production records. In the Contention Mine, Blake (1902) remarked that:

The shafts themselves were extended downward for approximately 100 feet below the water level, an important fact, showing that water can be controlled by proper pumping. High grade gold ore was found in the winze upon the east ledge, about 400 feet north of the Contention pump shaft. A letter from the then president of the Contention Company stated that at a depth of 75 feet in this winze, a drift was run for a distance of 140 feet, and that the ore taken there-from averaged over $100 per ton in gold (at US$20.67 per ounce gold). Ore of excellent grade
was found in the other winzes, but this winze was the only one in which any considerable amount of drifting was done. In a recent letter from Engineer Staunton (Sept. 4, 1902) he says: “We are now running a drift on this east ledge northward from the top of the winze on the 600-foot level, and are getting a good showing of ore, an assay from which, received that morning, showed 22.6 ounces silver and 2.9 ounces gold….”.

The main reason that underground mining ceased in the Tombstone area nearly a century ago was due to excessive pumping costs and a resulting bankruptcy that dragged on from 1911-1914. Recent work in the Tombstone area focused primarily on porphyry copper exploration and cyanide leaching of near-surface low grade ores and dumps. Underground, high-grade, gold and silver targets were not generated and tested since low cost open pit mines became more fashionable. Currently, the focus of miners is returning to overlooked, underground resources that have a small operational footprint and a minimal environmental impact. Mansfield-Martin management believes that the high-grade resources of the Tombstone District, overlooked by recent investigators, may still constitute a viable, economic resource, especially in light of the robust, historic production grades.

TABLE 1 Tombstone Arizona-Major Mines-Early Production Summary (1880-1957)
Claim Name Good Enough Contention Grand Centeral & Emerald Tough Nut
Production (tons) 174,447 105,173 155,000 114,196
Opt Ag Av. 30.77 51.67 31.89 40.17
Opt Au Av. 0.043 0.012 0.031 0.067
Info Source USBM/Tenney USBM USBM USBM/Staunton
TABLE 2 Tombstone Arizona – Gold-rich Producer Summary (1888-1894)
Claim Name Lucky Cuss West Side Northwest
Production (tons) 14,156 5,157 3,882
Opt Ag Av. 40.25 67.42 85.70
Opt Au Av. 0.447 1.273 0.231
Info Source Staunton Staunton Staunton
TABLE 3 Tombstone Arizona-Major Producers (1899-1931)
Claim Name Tombstone Cons. Bunker Hill Mines
Production (tons) 329,781 384,629
Opt Ag Av. 10.90 11.93
Opt Au Av. 0.140 0.093
Info Source Staunton/Tenney USBM/Tenney
Blake, William P., 1902, Tombstone and its Mines, 83 p.

Butler, B.S., Wilson, E.D., and Rasor, C.A., 1938, “Geology and Ore Deposits of the Tombstone District, Arizona: Arizona Bureau of Mines Bulletin 143, 114 p.

Church, J.A., 1903, The Tombstone, Arizona, Mining District: Trans. AIME, V. 33, p. 3-37

Staunton, W.F. Personal Papers, Special Collection, University of Arizona

Tenney, J.B., 1927-29, History of Mining in Arizona: Unpublished manuscript, Special Collections, Univ. of Arizona, 401 p.

USBM = US Bureau of Mines
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