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Tombstone Geology

The general geology of the District is unremarkably typical Bisbee, including Pre-Cambrian marine and lacustrine sedimentary layers subject to intensive intrusions radiating from later volcanic activity. Vein development radiated from the magma chamber beneath the Tombstone cone, penetrating these sedimentary layers at numerous points and depths, with mineral suite deposition by both Mesothermal and Epithermal fluids. The area also demonstrates significant subsequent hydrothermic fracturing, so that some ore bodies can be located both near and well below the current surface, and displaced laterally from the caldera.

Mansfield-Martin has acquired approximately 6,000 acres of fee simple and leasehold property and other mineral rights and claims within the District, commencing on the downslope of the caldera and leading into and beyond Tombstone. The property portfolio has been assembled from individuals, estates and smaller mining companies over the last 17 years. The Company’s goals have been to acquire acreage sufficient to warrant large-scale development and, more importantly, access to capital to fund such development. Mansfield-Martin’s holdings include 100% of Tombstone Development Corp., which owns mines and rights directly under Tombstone; TDC is believed to be the oldest, longest operating mining company in the District, having commenced operations in 1933. The portfolio includes numerous historic mines, with varying degrees of records, and significant undeveloped acreage west of Tombstone on the quartering slope of the caldera, including the Ground Hog claims and Western Mining District.

Placeholder Picture Tombstone, AZ 2017 - Courtesy of Google (click to enlarge)
Placeholder Picture Tombstone, AZ - Courtesy of The Tombstone Chamber of Commerce (click to enlarge)
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