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Mansfield-Martin intends to develop its acreage by recovery of known precious metals from in excess of 250,000 tons of already mined material and deep mining of existing high-grade ore deposits, including re-entry of existing shafts with modern technology and equipment.

During Phase I, Mansfield-Martin will harvest already mined material, which is now commercially viable due to current market prices and enhanced processing methods. Estimates are that approximately $75 million in silver and gold can be recovered from these materials, and operations can commence under current permitting as soon as equipment can be acquired and put to use.

Simultaneously Mansfield-Martin will initiate Phase II, reopening the historic deep mines of Tombstone, which commenced production in the late 1870's and have been inactive since the early 20th Century. Upon obtaining necessary permits and arranging equipment and power, Mansfield-Martin plans to drive a new main decline, accessing miles of horizontal tunnels already in place, with ventilation shafts, and then proceed with traditional stope mining by demolition and recovery from alternating levels of the existing mines. Historical production figures are only somewhat reliable, but consensus numbers all exceed $850 million from the Tombstone Mining District, at current prices.

Recent estimates based upon scientific site analysis and assays are that only approximately 25% of the marketable ore has been produced, leaving a vast resource to develop. At least one Certified Professional Geologist has opined that the value of resources in the District will exceed the recovery from Bisbee and Tombstone Mining Districts combined, in excess of $20 billion. The mines were adequately constructed and shored, with well-documented engineering, but modern equipment permits far more efficient recovery and larger stopes, allowing for Mansfield-Martin’s alternating level mining plan. In addition, many tunnels were back-filled when closed as a safety precaution; the material used to fill is low to moderate-grade ore, and is commercially viable to process at current market prices. Phase III will concentrate on additional acreage in Mansfield-Martin’s portfolio, including the western portion of the District and Ground Hog claims, contains similar existing deep mines of uncertain condition and large deposits of medium- to high-grade ore within a reasonable depth from the surface; these properties should these be amenable to similar enhanced mining techniques, dependent on the outcome of a comprehensive drilling and testing program and “fill-in” work on the existing mineralization grid.

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